Ivanjot DNA SOLO SHOW - Mataró January, February 2014



With figurative art at the forefront of his work, drawing as the basis and collage as  investigation, , Ivan Jordà (Mataró 1976)
continues  in this experimental journey where he attempts to disect the human form, or rather the internal feelings of man
within his circle of relationships, the search for consensus or provocation, depending on the day.
With his intense realism, but at the same time a more symbolic outlook, dreamlike or surreal,
Ivanjot tries to throw his cards on the table waiting for a reaction from his interested spectators.


1995 "El llimoner" Mataró
1998 "Casal jove" Mataró
1999 "M.Ballard" Barcelona
2000 "Siena" Ciutadella, Menorca
2001 "Espai 28" Mataró
2002 "Palau Saura" Ciutadella, Menorca
2002 "Arcadia" Mataró
2003 "Art i joc" Ciutadella, Menorca
2003 "Casino maritim" Maó, Menorca
2004 "Cercle artistic" Ciutadella, Menorca
2005 "Artara" Maó, Menorca
2005 "Cercle artistic" Ciutadella, Menorca
2006 "Museu del cantir" Argentona
2007 "Art i joc" Ciutadella, Menorca
2008 "Ca l'Arenas" Mataró
2009 "Comuna de l'art" Mataró
2010 "Galart" Mataró
2010 "Espai Capgrós" Mataró
2011 "Vidrart" Ciutadella, Menorca
2014 "Col.legi arquitectes" Mataró, Barcelona


2000 "Eduma" Jaen
2001 "Exalfa" Lisboa
2001 "Foment mataroni" Mataró
2001 "Institut estudis illerdencs" Lleida
2002 "St.Pere mes alt" Mataró
2002 "Dialegs" Mataró
2002 "III mostra d'art" Argentona
2003 "Casal l'aliança" Mataró
2003 "Artara" Ciutadella, Menorca
2003 "Escultures al carrer" Ciutadella, Menorca
2004 "El Roser" Ciutadella, Menorca
2004 "Art i joc" Ciutadella, Menorca
2004 "St.Lluc" Mataró
2004 "Artara" Mao, Menorca
2004 "El Roser" Ciutadella, Menorca
2005 "Art i joc" Ciutadella, Menorca
2006 "Art i joc" Ciutadella, Menorca
2006 "Casal Alinança" Mataró
2007 "Vidrart" Ciutadella, Menorca
2007 "Museu del cantir" Argentona
2007 "Artara" Mao, Menorca
2008 "El Roser" Ciutadella, Menorca
2008 "Lolet Comas" Mataró
2008 "Caixa Laietana" Mataró
2010 "St. Pere mes alt" Mataró
2011 "Vidrart" Ciutadella, Menorca
2012 "Vang Alayork!" Alaior, Menorca
2013 "Art Revolution Taipei" Taipei, Taiwan


2001 "Finalista Art Jove" Illes balears
2002 "Finalist St. Antoni Sa Nostra" Ciutadella, Menorca
2003 "Finalist Art jove" Mataro
2003 "Finalist St. Bartomeu" ferreries, Menorca
2003 "First Price Festes de Gracia" Mao, Menorca
2004 "Finalist XXXVI Salo de primavera" Mao, Menorca
2004 "Finalist St. Bartomeu" Ferreries, Menorca
2005 "Best work Festes de Gracia" Mao, Menorca
2006 "Finalist Festes de Gracia" Mao, Menorca
2013 "Finalist Art Revolution Taipei" Taipei, Taiwan

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